TOP 3 countries for gambling

TOP 3 countries for gambling

There are countries in the world where the gambling business is not only officially allowed, but also brings good income to both casino owners and the state in the form of tax. If you go there, you can not only spend extra money (if you have any), but also tickle your nerves - sometimes when gambling reaches a peak. Publi talks about 8 countries with the softest attitude to gambling.


There are several huge gambling zones in the USA, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Las Vegas. We can say that the entire city consists of casinos, clubs and other similar establishments - the gambling business forms the basis of the city's economy. People specially come to Las Vegas from other countries to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of excitement, so if you suddenly have an "extra" tidy sum, then Las Vegas is a great way to spend it.

One of the most famous casinos in the city is the Stratosphere Las Vegas, a casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip. The area of ​​the gambling establishment is 7 thousand m2, and there are games for every taste - cards, roulette, slot machines, and in some rooms you can place bets on sweepstakes like horse races taking place all over the country. By the way, "Stratosphere" attracts players with its democratic rates compared to most other city casinos: for example, the minimum bet in blackjack here is only five dollars.

Las Vegas is not the only such place in the United States: the American government understands perfectly well that the money that tourists spend in casinos is a good way to replenish the state budget, so investments in the gambling business in this country are actively encouraged by law, and the shares of the largest gambling firms are listed on American stock exchanges and attract serious investors.



The gambling business in Monaco is one of the leading sectors of the country's economy, and, of course, everything is regulated by law.

Casinos in Monaco are considered the most prestigious casinos in the world, thanks, first of all, not even to the service and the variety of entertainment provided, but to the clientele. In order to get into one of the establishments - especially for the world famous "Monte Carlo" - you have to observe a certain dress code: a suit, shirt and tie for men and an evening dress for women. The stakes in Monaco casinos are quite high: having about ten dollars in your pocket, you cannot hit the jackpot even with great luck - you have to stock up on a larger amount. In addition, Monte Carlo is one of the oldest casinos in Europe: the building where it is located is already 120 years old, and it was built specifically for this purpose.


Thanks to the progressive legislation in the field of gambling regulation, anyone who has sufficient funds to open a casino in Malta can open a casino. The state provides entrepreneurs with the maximum degree of protection and confidentiality in doing business in this area, so it is not surprising that more than a hundred casinos, slot machine halls, lotteries, bookmakers and betting exchanges are located in the country.

In Malta, the laws on gambling business are clearly regulated: in particular, it is the only country in the world where the types of gambling business are spelled out in the relevant legislation.

The most famous Maltese gambling establishments are the classic "Dragonara Casino", the more modern and undemanding to the player's budget and dress code "Oracle Casino", the luxurious "Casino at Portomaso" and known as the "Casino di Venezia" museum.

Online casinos are very popular in Malta: bets are accepted via the Internet, and access to online services of this kind is available throughout the country from anywhere. Read more interesting articles here:

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